About us

We love live moments, things that are real and people. That’s why we created Litchi, we want you to discover and know people just the way they are. With live streaming anything’s possible… You know what you’re gettin’ into, but you never know what you’ll get out of it...

We've put our joint passions together, and based on our experiences, we've developed Litchi: an app that offers u a new way to comunicate, in order to discover new people in a fresh, fun and safe way.

About Litchi

It’s a social environment that allows you to find new friends broadcasting live to talk and get to know them better. A simple and exciting experience!!

Anyone can broadcast with their pc or mobile phone.

Try it and enjoy.

First steps

  1. Download the App: iOS here, Android here, or join getlitchi.com
  2. Login using your Twitter or Facebook account.
  3. Search, discover and follow the people you like.
  4. Air your first live broadcast from your PC or phone.

Now… let’s have fun!!